Thanks to our long trajectory, we have a wide range of raw material suppliers, which allows us to guarantee our customers (steel producers, iron and nonferrous foundries), the supply of all kinds of high quality raw materials, ferroalloys and metallurgical mixtures. The delivery of the goods in a timely manner, attending to the specific needs of our customers in a flexible way makes us a highly valued partner.

Our experience and know-how in crushing, screening and homogenizing processes results in the production of high quality products.

Based on our more than half century of activity, we can provide our clients with a deep knowledge of the market, which translates into a high quality raw material managed with experience and professionalism

These are examples of the extensive range of raw materials we offer:

  • Bulk Alloys: FeSi, SiMn, FeMn, etc..
  • Noble Alloys.
  • FeB
  • FeTi.
  • Silicon Carbide.
  • Calcium Aluminate.