The CEDIFIL brand brings together the production and sale of our cored wire products and is our main activity.

Our modern manufacturing plant produces more than 10,000 tm / year (net) in 9 to 16 mm diameters. The new plant, which is located on a plot of 17,200 m2, is than main initiative within an ambitious strategic plan 2008-2012 with an investment of more than 7 million euros.

All our production is carried out from the new and modern facilities to provide the client with the highest quality of all our products. With a covered area of 6,500 m2, the plant houses all the necessary facilities for the production of cored wire.

The new facilities and our long experience in the sector have made us, over these years, the leading supplier in Spain and highly recognized in the foreign market.

Our quality and experience are our best endorsements.